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Fame Art Group was initially formed to gather together the fragmented community through the medium of dance. We look at dancing as an integral way to experience unity. Like the spoken word, dance allows us to communicate with others. Its benefits are endless.

Not only does dance make you smarter, happier and healthier; dancing in synchronization with others raises our pain tolerance and makes us feel more connected with others, regardless of their nationality. Dancing together is something universal we humans have done since the earliest times. It is fundamentally cooperative in nature. It is innate to every human being. Making music, and movement to music, is central to ritual, courtship, identity, and human expression cross-culturally.

“While I dance, I cannot judge, I cannot hate, I cannot separate myself from life.  I can only be joyful and whole. This is why I dance.” – Hans Bos

About Fereshteh Zakeri

An energetic, physically fit and confident Dance teacher, choreographer and performer who has a successful track record of improving a student’s knowledge and understanding of dance with performing for more than fifty events.

Fereshteh holds recognized teaching qualifications, has experience of teaching all age groups and not only fully understands the needs of students, but also has the experience of connecting to other cultures and communities. The ability to quickly engage with other communities through dancing.

She has experience of teaching Iranian Folklore, adult ballet, Persian modern dance, belly, Azeri, ballroom, Zumba and SAMA(Iranian classic and Sufi dance). She created her own style which is unique in Iranian Culture. She combines Iranian Dance moves with Sama which is a Sufi Dance along with Iranian poet, Persian instruments and wearing symbolic long dress. She is relentlessly results orientated, and is dedicated to achieving the highest possible standards across all curriculum key stages.

She has the experience of a member of Advisory, Art Coordinator BC Tirgan Event, Art Coordinator in Vancouver Silkroad Festival in her resume. It’s been two terms she is a member of Multiculturalism Advisory Committee is City of Coquitam.

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