I have been member of Fameartgroup for over than two years now and have been enjoying every moment of it. Dance is my passion and music is my soul.

I like to dance for many reasons, but these days, it’s primarily because it is my primary and most effective spiritual technology. Dancing releases me from my head and gets me into my body. My experience of the world becomes one where I am no longer separate from anything or anyone around me. It’s just a form of oneness.

Dance is great for many other reasons, too. I like the exercise. I like the social experience. I like the creativity and expression.

I love that I can do things when I dance that I can’t do otherwise. I mean, physically, I am incapable of many things normally.

Dance has a lot to teach me about life, too. It teaches me how to respond to changing circumstances gracefully and creatively, without freaking out. It is the quintessential going with the flow. It teaches me confidence. It teaches me how to listen.

In addition, it helps me understand other people. I have learned how to assess people very quickly by dancing with them. I learn things about their personalities that would take me years to figure out in a non-dance interaction. In the intimacy of dance, people show parts of themselves they would never otherwise show. Trust is often implicit. Or people can’t help themselves. And I have learned to be very attentive to these signals that people normally won’t share with others until they know you very well.

There’s a lot to like about dance. It is incredibly spiritual. It is perhaps the most efficient way of getting to know other people. It teaches you empathy and intuition. And it is exercise. Good for heart and soul and body and psychology. It is also, it seems, a way to keep your mind active as you age — part of geriatric longevity and quality of life treatments.

I have also joined a music workshop, which gave me a whole other perspective of the understanding of the rhythms for dance.

Thanks to my mentor, my best friend and my inspiration Fereshteh Zakery I am where I want to be today. I know there is still a lot more to learn and I’m very excited to do so and remain active.

Life is full of great opportunities, don’t wait around, just follow your passion 😉

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