Fariba Kian

Fariba joined fame art group about 3 years ago she had some musical and theatrical experiences from high school and after meeting her mentor and best friend Fereshteh zakeri she decided to follow her passion .she believes Dancing stimulates different brain activities at the same time, including emotional and  musical. This increases the way your brain functions in a positive way. So dancing is a fun activity with a wealth of health benefits that keeps us in shape, makes us feel good, and makes us smarter.It’s also a good workout.In addition, dance is a way to relieve daily stresses and bring happiness to those who embrace it.  With Dancing you escape from reality; you can lose yourself in the music & movement.Dance is as universal language as music,that you can communicate with people from different languages and nationalities.

Fariba involved in many performances like Sokhane eshgh ,yalda night festival ,Persian poetry in motion, international women’s day and for Persian new year (Norouz).she concludes that a healthy lifestyle integrating the mind ,body and soul relationship, and dance has all of these characteristics.

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